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Having a competitive edge in business is crucial. While businesses no longer compete solely on price or product quality, marketing strategies have become as important as the products themselves. And yet, many ventures fail because they go about their marketing in too complicated a fashion — customers might not understand why they need to buy to be recognized, for example.

1. Provide Customized Support

If your clients do not feel valued, they will not use your services again. It is essential to treat each client differently and acknowledge their unique needs.

Excellent customer service skills are essential in any business but critical in a service-based business. If you treat all of your customers the same, you risk that one of your customers feels overlooked or left out.

2. Design a User-friendly Mobile Website

Mobile websites are typically more popular than regular websites. As a result, it is crucial to design a mobile site that will fit the business quickly on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Not only can your customers find what they need while on the go to make their purchases, but you are also not competing with Google or other search engines that may have higher traffic to your website.

3. Develop a Reputation of Excellence

Many people believe that when they hear about a company, they will automatically utilize the advertised product or service. Customers are more likely to purchase from someone with a positive reputation than those merely offering their first product or service.

Positive online reviews will boost your business reputation enormously.

4. Runs Sales on Odd Holidays

With the vast number of people who work during the week, few people are left to shop on a Sunday. When you hold a sale on an odd holiday to draw consumers away from their routine, you will likely find that they come to your store during this less popular day.

5. Engage on Social Media Regularly

Social media is a great way to connect with your customers and boost your visibility. Share your company news across social media websites and engage with people on your customer service page. This makes you seem more like a friend to the customer than just a business.