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Technology is transforming business daily, and one of the technologies at the forefront in this transformation is Artificial Intelligence. It’s important to note that companies that have embraced Artificial Intelligence have witnessed nearly three times acceleration based on data released by IBM on the business performance index. Statistics show that about 31 % of companies in the united states have embraced Artificial Intelligence, and about 43 % are exploring the advantages and use of Artificial Intelligence in their business.

Factors affecting global adoption of Artificial Intelligence in business operations

One of the critical supporting factors to the global shift in the adoption of technology in business and, in this case, integration of Artificial Intelligence has been necessitated by the worldwide pandemic ravaging the world. IT professionals have associated these rising trends to Covid 19 and the health measures that have been put in place by various health organizations to curb the spread of the virus. In the past year, companies have witnessed an uptake in companies accelerating the rollout of artificial Intelligence in their ventures.

Accessibility of AI tools

One of the factors that have made the accessibility of Artificial Intelligence to companies is the availability of AI tools. Some of the areas that facilitated the rising uptake of artificial Intelligence in businesses include the rise in data security, digitized customer care representatives using Chatbot, and automation of businesses processes. Artificial Intelligence has played a critical role in their automation and digitization in all these business processes. Another crucial player in the rise of Artificial Intelligence adoption in business is the use of Natural language processing. A report by IBM showed that close to 50 percent of the company that participated in the survey uses applications powered by Natural Language Processing, NLP.

It’s important to note that the integration and adoption of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence did not only affect IT managers, but many businesses leader’s IT managers and AI experts are enthusiastic about these new developments. Expanding the use of Artificial Intelligence in businesses enterprise will lower businesses operation costs and increase efficiency as they boost the productivity within those organizations. Artificial Intelligence is highly applicable in several areas, majorly developing customer care support services.